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Randy's Journey to Life

There are SO MANY things ‘out there’ to distract me/us from facing myself/ourselves…  And, they’re systems that I am, through allowance, guilty of creating and perpetuating…

Throughout every minute of every day we can occupy ourselves with ‘stuff’ – vast amounts of it – be it entertainment, education/education issues, global/social issues, geopolitical issues, “conspiracy theories’, environmental issues, survival issues, or family issues – that are among the many ‘topics’ we can distract ourselves with.  There is not a single person any of us knows that doesn’t preoccupy themselves with SOMETHING most of the time.  And, it is sooooo easy to do.

We’ve got an entire generation (or two) that’s preoccupied with gadgets.  From iphones to ipads et al, technology has brought us to the point where one can communicate with people on any and every continent by voice or text message with a pocket-sized device that can also store countless…

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